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The dream car and a model car of the whole sector – S-Class. Every touch, every moment with this exceptional, luxurious limo are a great experience: travel, work, rest, leisurely pleasure and safe arrival – no other car offers more than this model limo.

Size is the value in itself, a certain dimension of freedom. In S-Class every passenger has an unrivaled amount of space. This personal space can be used as you wish and all of you will reach your destination relaxed.

This is ensured by new technologies designed by Mercedes-Benz. The example can be AIR-BALANCE package thanks to which the air inside the vehicle is not only filtered but can also be ionized. Optionally, the seats are equipped with ENERGIZING massage function or even ventilation.

Perfect entertainment to all passengers is offered by entertainment and Hi-Fi surround Burmester® High-End 3D systems with 24 speakers which, thanks to their versatile functions leave no place for boredom.

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