of Soltysik Reisen joining
SINDBAD Platform of 3/09/2013

We would like to inform that starting from 1 October 2013 Soltysik Reisen Sp. z o.o., handling coach connections from Poland to Germany, joined SINDBAD Platform. Consequently, please be informed we have been working to modify the Soltysik line timetable which will be changed starting from 1 October. Soltysik tickets sold before that will remain valid and the customers will be able to use them for connections carried out via Sindbad platform. Please follow the messages of Sindbad platform on timetable changes.

Please also be informed that in connection with the understanding between our companies, Soltysik system of sale settlements will be modified. By 30 September, the ticket sales by the line operator will be settled with Soltysik, though from 1 October this year on, the offer of Soltysik will still be available to buy but it will be settled within the agreement executed with SINDBAD Sp. z o.o.

The agents who have already signed the agency agreement with SINDBAD need not meet any extra conditions, as the sales of Soltysik offer will be automatically included in the sales report thanks to which the agent will need to settle the accounts with a single carrier. The "Settlement for the period" printout from the sales systems for SINDBAD offerer will include also the tickets sold for Soltysik lines. The agents who have not signed agreements with SINDBAD, but are interested in selling the offer should contact the marketing department of SINDBAD at 77 402 15 11-14, e-mail:

The regular customers of Soltysik can benefit from the privileges offered by the Loyalty Card. They are also entitled to receive SINDBAD Loyalty Card provided they submit a filled-in KSK SINDBAD application with the photocopy of Soltysik card held by them. SINDBAD card application can be downloaded from

Please be informed also Soltysik Transport Rules will be adapted to the Transport Rules of international bus lines SINDBAD. The new timetables will be available soon in the sales systems at SINDBAD and Soltysik link.
Please inform our customers thereof. Any questions should be asked at SINDBAD hotline 801 22 33 44 or 77 443 44 44.

Best regards,
Mirosław Soltysik
President of Soltysik Sp. z o.o.